Wild Waters - Water & Amusement Theme Park - Shankarpally, Hyderabad


Wild Waters, Shankarpally, Located at  Masaniguda Village, Shankarpally, Hyderabad, Palm Exotica, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501203, India

One of the largest amusement parks in Hyderabad, it boasts of more than 60 land and water attractions. What makes your day at Wild Waters, Shankarpally even more enjoyable is the availability of food choices to satisfy all palates.

The water park is a dedicated Wild Waters area that offers a wide variety of water rides and games. The water park has 21 water courses. While family rides are suitable for anyone who likes the water and a bit of excitement, the thrill rides are mainly for those who want to enjoy an adventurous experience with fun.

Paradise Beach - Spend some time relaxing at the wave pool, which offers a true beach-like experience with varying degrees of waves, expansive sand and coconut groves. This 16,000 square feet wave pool lets you have a beach experience in Hyderabad itself.

Rain disco - What could be better than a disco in the rain? Built on an area of ​​3,000 square feet, it offers the perfect environment for everyone to enjoy a cool, refreshing rain shower amid the exciting musical beats.

Pirates Cove- This is a family water zone consisting of a variety of rides and games. With 6 adult slides and 6 children's slides ranging in length and height from 21 feet to 6 feet, Pirates Cove offers complete fun for everyone. It also features a kid-friendly pool and two water buckets that tip over every 4-5 minutes and dump huge amounts of water on everyone.

Aqua Play- It is specially designed for children, it suits their preferences and safety. It consists of 5 different fountains and 3 different water slides.

Crazy River – Crazy River is a unique ride experience where visitors sit on a tube and float on a 600-foot long river that coaxes them slowly at first but surprises them with sudden waves as they go through the landscape.

Wave Rider – If you want to experience a high wave, go for the Wave Rider. Here you are dropped on a 240 foot long wave rider from a 40 foot high tower at 40 km per hour.

Freefall – Starting from a 40ft tall tower, freefall drops you straight down at 50kph.

Matt Racer- In this you slide down the mat at 50km per hour. You will slide up the 240 foot long matt racers and then down from a height of 40 feet.

Tornado – As the name suggests, this ride takes you in a zig-zag fashion with plenty of twists and turns. In this ride, you slide down 40 feet and land in a huge tub filled with water.

Voyage- In this thrill ride, people in groups of 4 sit on a slide on a raft and slide down various turns at high speed.

Rapids- Somewhat similar to sailing, rapids also take people in groups of 4 on a slide on a raft. However, once they reach the bottom, they float on the water as far as they can.

Loop Racer – In this ride, you ride a mat up to 40 feet high on a long looper that takes you down a circular tube at 50 km/h.

Living up to its name, Twister-Twister is an exhilarating slide with lots of thrilling twists and turns where you slide down a 325-foot enclosed tunnel from a height of 40 feet and finally fall into a huge tub of water.

Hurricane - In this you sit in a two-seater and slide down an enclosed tunnel, later plunging into a massive cone-shaped funnel with lots of exciting twists and turns.

Cyclone - In this ride, you are thrown into a huge bowl and end up being dropped into a pool.

Pendulum - In this slide, you sit on a two-seat tube and slide down an enclosed tunnel, eventually falling into a pendulum slide that moves back and forth many times.

Backlash- Here you sit on a two-seat tube and go through an open tunnel that ends in a huge half-pendulum slide that keeps moving back and forth. This slide will drop you back into an open tunnel that will take you back to the half shuttle slide.

Loop Coaster- This slide is 400 feet long and consists of 3 large loops of 100 feet each. Here you float on two-seat tubes and transition into an open slide that twists and turns in unpredictable ways to create a thrilling ride.

Tunnel – Here you slide down a 40ft double tube and move through a variety of closed and open tunnels.

Harakiri- This is again a 2 seater slide where you swim up and down and then up again on a tub of water. This gravity-defying experience promises thrilling moments for everyone.

Boomerang- In this water slide, you go down a two-seater slide from a height of 40 feet. Here you slide through a closed tunnel at a speed of 45 km per hour. The tunnel then throws you into a massive boomerang shaped slide and finally into a huge tub of water.

For those who are looking for maximum adrenaline, the adventure park on Wild Waters is the ideal place. Consisting of 17 different rides, from family friendly to thrill rides, there are plenty of opportunities to make your weekend fun. There are also specially designed kiddie rides that ensure the safety of children while maintaining the fun quotient.

Surf Rider – If you plan to surf, you don't need to travel to another destination. Shankarpalli Wild Water offers a surfing experience in its adventure park. Here you can try surfing on a mechanical surf simulator with an inflatable padded floor.

Rodeo Ride - Promising a unique experience, this ride, powered by an electric motor, offers the experience of riding a bull. Sufficient safety measures have been put in place around the ride, such as a padded floor in case the rider falls to the ground.

Archery – Put your archery skills to the test in a fun way at the 30-foot long range.

Rifle shooting- A special shooting range has been created where you can fulfill your desires to try your hand at shooting. 2-caliber piston sport air rifles are available at the shooting range for you to try shooting.

Ropes course – If you have an unfulfilled wish to join the army and try different physical exercises, then the ropes course is the ideal sport for you, which represents a view of military training. It is built in the same way as military obstacle courses and includes challenging activities like climbing nets, swinging, jumping and crossing bridges etc.

Cricket Nets- Cricket lovers will have an amazing time with cricket nets. It presents the perfect environment for both beginners and experienced players to test their batting and bowling skills with their friends and family.

Bungee Trampoline- For absolute adrenaline, the best choice is a bungee trampoline. Here you are placed on a bungee trampoline harness which is then attached to various bungee cords. Here the ropes move up and down.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is open.

People with long hair are requested to wear a swimming cap while going on water rides.

No, visitors can not wear footwears in water rides

Yes, one can buy swimming costumes at the park, which are available in all sizes or you can bring your own


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